Métis Nation of Alberta

Economic Development

Alberta MétisWorks 

  • Alberta MétisWorks is an online business directory of Métis owned and verified businesses.
  • It acts as a tool to connect Métis businesses with procurement opportunities and to allow Métis entrepreneurs to build relationships with their communities and within Alberta.

Apeetogosan (Métis) Development Inc. (AMDI)

  • AMDI is committed to providing profitable and sustainable financial services and support clients who seek the means to attain economic self-sufficiency.
  • AMDI since its creation has supported over 1,000 Métis-owned businesses throughout Alberta with more flexible and available loan and non-repayable grant options.


Gear Up For School

  • Supporting education the Gear Up For School program offers free school supplies for Métis families with children in preschool-grade 6.
  • Eligible families that register through the MNA are able to receive kits delivered to their door to support youth education and parents.

Post-Secondary Scholarships

  • MNA provides various scholarships to eligible students pursuing post-secondary education.
  • Students must complete an application form or be nominated for scholarships ranging from $500-$1,500.
  • There are a total of 6 scholarships available to students that tailor to various education programs and areas of study.

Child and Family Services

Métis Family Resource Program (MFRP)

  • MFRP connects Métis families with Métis Resource Workers that can be an important link between the child, family, community and Alberta Children’s Services.
  • The program works to develop culturally appropriate programs with Alberta Children’s Services.
    • This is through offering cultural training, resource referral and support training to kinship givers and foster families caring for Métis children.

Family Reunification Program


  • The program is dedicated to reuniting Indigenous mothers, fathers and their children by providing long-term housing. The goal is to assist families in a safe and secure environment with 24-hour staffing.
  • By referral from the Child & Family Services Agency families are provided a space that has 24 hour supervision and opportunities for parenting development, employment and educational planning for parents, individual support for children, support integrating children into communities and school, mentorship for children and child care arrangements while parents attend programs.

Wellness Support

Wellness Program

  • Providing Métis citizens 12 hours of free professional, confidential and culturally sensitive counselling to maintain the mental health of MNA Citizens.
  • Sessions are held by phone, video or instant message and are available 24/7 in both French and English.
  • Counsellors provide services for improving personal well-being, managing relationships and family, addressing workplace challenges and more.

Community Wellness Advocate 

  • CWA recognizes the interconnectedness and balance of life's different parts to provide flexible, holistic, client-centred care.
  • Métis Albertans aged 16+ in their mental wellness journey are provided with information and referrals, advocacy, support with identifying mental wellness goals, system navigation and follow-ups.

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Program/Bridging Connections Program

  • FASD has been identified as a significant problem impacting Métis Albertans leading to the creation of the program.
  • The program allows the MNA to walk alongside its community and connect those impacted with helpful networks and resources.
  • The Bridging Connections Team helps Métis Albertans with FASD by supporting the navigation of community resources and systems, offering cultural training to professionals that work in Métis communities and supporting the MNA citizenship process.

Poverty Alleviation

Reaching Home

  • The Reaching Home programs allows for immediate interventions and long-term solutions for Métis Albertans facing homelessness
  • The program provides housing services, support and resources to prevent eviction (such as financial support, public transit tickets etc.), economic integration services, social and community integration, clinical and treatment services etc.

Métis Housing

  •  Affiliated with MNA, the Métis Capital Housing Corporation and Métis Urban Housing Corporation work to create affordable rental housing to low and moderate income Métis and other Indigenous families in Alberta.
  • The Corporations maintain and manage rental accommodations and provide housing to over 3,000 residents across Alberta.