An essential element of self-determination and self-government is the right to determine our own citizenship based on our own citizenship criteria.

The Métis National Council General Assembly adopted the following “National Definition” in 2002:

“Métis” means a person who self-identifies as Métis, is distinct from other Aboriginal peoples, is of historic Métis Nation Ancestry and who is accepted by the Métis Nation.”

In its judgement in R. v. Powley  2003, the Supreme Court of Canada confirmed that Métis are a rights-bearing Aboriginal people and set out the components of a Métis definition for the purpose of claiming Aboriginal rights under section 35 of the  Constitution Act, 1982 based on ancestral connection to and acceptance by historic Métis communities.

Pursuant to the Powley decision, Canada has supported the MNC Governing Members in establishing and maintaining citizenship registries. To be registered as Métis, you must apply to the Métis Registry operated by the MNC Governing Member in the province in which you reside. Each Registry has its own application forms and application process. Application forms can usually be downloaded from the Registry’s website or can be obtained in person at the Provincial Office or Regional Offices of the Governing Member in question or can be mailed to you if you phone for the information.