Economic Development and Trade

The Métis National Council is actively exploring opportunities for economic development and trade throughout the Homeland. It remains committed to supporting the Métis Capital Corporations and exploring existing and future policies and programs with our federal and provincial partners.

Furthermore, the Métis National Council works to develop strategies and opportunities that function to support the economic prosperity and well being of the Métis Nation. Through working with our Governing Members, the MNC has identified these Economic Development principles: 

  1. Non-Métis governments at all levels need to recognize that Métis are Section 35 rights-holders.

  2. Métis are a Nation. Non-Métis governments need to respect Nation- to-Nation relationships.

  3. Non-Métis governments need to provide distinctions-based funding that meets the needs of Métis.

  4. All economic development initiatives need to improve socio-economic conditions of Métis people and create wealth within the Métis Nation.

The 2022 Métis Nation General Assembly adopted the following Economic Development priorities for the 2022 meeting of the Permanent Bilateral Mechanism which are now identified as the MNC Economic Development priorities:

  1. Build Métis Economic Institutions: Canada increase capacity support and tools to build Métis economic institutions and achieve sustainable Métis economic self-determination.

  2. Increase federal Procurement from Métis owned businesses: Canada achieve target of 1.69% of the value of federal procurement from Métis owned businesses by the end of 2024.

  3. Increase Capital for Métis enterprises: Canada increase capital to drive growth of Métis owned businesses, Métis ownership in major projects and investments in Métis community owned entities.

  4. Respect for Métis Governments: Canada recognize the authority of Métis Governments to certify Métis businesses as owned by Métis citizens and protect and defend Métis intellectual property.

  5. Increase trade and exports opportunities for the Métis Nation: Canada improve trade policy capacity for Métis Governments and export opportunities for the Métis Nation including Métis owned businesses.

  6. Complete adoption of a distinctions-based approach to policy making and program delivery: Canada ensure that all economic development initiatives be co-developed with the Métis Nation and provide funding to support the policy development and participation of the Métis Nation.