Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the Métis? What is the Métis Nation? These are questions that are posed all the time. Here are the basic answers to many of those questions.

About the Métis

Who are the Métis?

The Métis are a distinct Indigenous people and nation recognized in the Constitution Act 1982 as one of the three Aboriginal peoples in Canada. They emerged in the historic Northwest during the late 18th century, originally the mixed offspring of Indian women and European fur traders. As this population established distinct communities separate from those of Indians and Europeans and married among themselves, a new Indigenous people emerged – the Métis people – with their own unique culture, traditions, language (Michif), and way of life, collective consciousness and nationhood.

What is the Métis Nation?

The Métis people have acted collectively to protect and fight for their rights, lands and ongoing existence as a distinct Indigenous people and nation within the Canadian federation – from the Métis provisional governments of Riel in Manitoba (1869-70) and Saskatchewan (1885) to contemporary Métis governments. This dedication continues to exist as citizens and communities throughout the Métis Nation Homeland keep the nation’s distinct culture, traditions, language and lifestyle alive and pursue their own political, social and economic development.

What is the Historic Métis Nation Homeland

The Historic Métis Nation Homeland encompasses the three Prairie Provinces (Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta), as well as parts of Ontario, British Columbia, the Northwest Territories and the Northern United States.

What is the Métis National Council?

The MNC represents the Métis Nation nationally and internationally. It receives its mandate and direction from the democratically elected leadership of Métis governments in Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia, also known as the MNC Governing Members. Specifically, the MNC reflects and moves forward on the desires and aspirations of these Métis governments at the national and international levels.

What are the MNC’s Governing Members?

The Governing Members are the democratically elected Métis governments in the provinces within the historic Métis homeland: Métis Nation-Saskatchewan, Métis Nation of Alberta, Métis Nation British Columbia and Métis Nation of Ontario. Collectively, they constitute the General Assembly of the Métis National Council and its Board of Governors.

How do I become a citizen of the Métis Nation?

To be registered as Métis, you must apply to the Métis Registry operated by the MNC Governing Member in the province in which you reside. Each Registry has its own application forms and application process. Application forms can usually be downloaded from the Registry’s website or can be obtained in person at the Provincial Office or Regional Offices of the Governing Member in question or can be mailed to you if you phone for the information.