Métis Nation Economic Reconciliation Forum

The Métis Economic Reconciliation Forum will bring together Métis Leaders, and Businesses with Federal Government Officials and Corporate Partners to establish a regular gathering to spotlight and discuss collaborative solutions to support Métis prosperity and well-being. This forum will explore the rich history of the Métis Nation, acknowledging their initiative in trade route development and ownership across the Homeland. With a diverse range of esteemed panelists, we will delve into the economic challenges faced by Métis communities and explore potential solutions to address these issues. We will discover ways to enhance support for Métis businesses and entrepreneurs and embrace Métis ways of knowing, incorporating them into economic development strategies for the overall prosperity and well-being of the Métis Nation. This forum will also highlight the importance of knowledge translation and sharing the latest economic research relevant to Métis well-being. Finally, we will create a space for networking among Métis community members, leaders, practitioners, researchers, business leaders, and policymakers to foster collaboration and shared prosperity and the formulation of ideas for future community-based research.

February 28-29, 2024

Richmond, BC 

Economic Reconciliation Forum Agenda

Métis National Economic Reconciliation Forum Agenda

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