Climate change and conservation stewardship is the greatest challenge of our time, and this could not be truer for the Métis Nation. Métis hunters are having to travel further to find wildlife, berries, medical plants and food sources. Traditionally, Métis women have been responsible for stewarding the land and teaching Métis youth how to maintain balance within their lives, this includes living in balance with the environment. These traditional roles are challenged by the ongoing impacts of colonization and are further threatened by climate change and biodiversity loss.

Many Métis families do not have access to affordable and adequate housing making it more difficult to deal with the extreme heat and cold brought on by climate change. Métis trappers are losing their traditional traplines to forest fires, Métis families are struggling to put food on the table due to an increase in food prices and limited access to traditional foods, and Métis children are at the forefront of this challenge. Extreme weather events such as flooding, wildfires, and extreme heat are affecting human health and wellbeing. The land is our life. When language, culture and your entire way of being is tied to the ever changing land and waters, the Métis Nation will not just stand by.

Important Links

Climate Atlas - https://climateatlas.ca/indigenous

Access the Climate Atlas to understanding how Métis, First Nations and Inuit knowledge systems can be utilized to understand climate and cultural changes. Additionally, explore further to get cross-Canada data and information about how climate change is having an impact across the country. 

ClimateData - https://climatedata. ca/

Climate Data provides high-resolution information produced by Canadas leading climate organizations and is supported by the Government of Canada. It provides more information about climate change and can be utilized by decision makers to build a more resilient Canada. 

Canada in a Changing Climate - https://changingclimate.ca/

Gain a better understanding of how Canada's climate is changing from accross the country through accessing 'Canada in a Changing Climate'. Also, read how various issues and challenges are affecting the climate and environment  accross the Métis homeland. 

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