Climate Change

The Métis Nation's citizens and their way of life are currently exposed to significant impacts of climate change as compared to their non-Indigenous counterparts within Canada. As climate change continues to disrupt the ways in which we interact with the land, our communities and our heritage, the Métis National Council must not only support the preservation  the Métis way of life in light of these globally felt changes, but also support Governing Members in building a brighter, cleaner and more sustainable future for all Métis citizens. The Métis Nation is in the unique position of being able to combine our deeply held connection to the lands, waters and skies across the Métis Homeland with our distinct history of adaptation and resiliency. This provides the much needed leadership and solutions needed to address the numerous challenges posed by changing climate. Stewardship of the land is at the core of the Métis identity and continues to guide our path towards a stronger, healthier and more resilient nation. 

Important Links

Climate Atlas -

Access the Climate Atlas to understanding how Métis, First Nations and Inuit knowledge systems can be utilized to understand climate and cultural changes. Additionally, explore further to get cross-Canada data and information about how climate change is having an impact across the country. 

ClimateData -

Climate Data provides high-resolution information produced by Canadas leading climate organizations and is supported by the Government of Canada. It provides more information about climate change and can be utilized by decision makers to build a more resilient Canada. 

Canada in a Changing Climate -

Gain a better understanding of how Canada's climate is changing from accross the country through accessing 'Canada in a Changing Climate'. Also, read how various issues and challenges are affecting the climate and environment  accross the Métis homeland. 

Important Documents

Métis Nation Climate Change and Health Vulnerability Report

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