Métis Nation British Columbia

Economic Development

Métis Financial Corporation of British Columbia (MFBC)

  • The MFCBC is Métis owned and governed and aims to provide trusted financial services for Métis entrepreneurs in BC.
  • The vision is to be Métis entrepreneurs financier of choice and position Métis entrepreneurs and businesses in a place to fully participate in new and future economic opportunities.
  • The MFCBC provides loans to Métis businesses that commercial lenders such as banks are unable to provide in order to strengthen the Métis economy.


Métis Early Years Cultural and Language Program 

  • The program and Education team works alongside Métis parents, children, Elders and early childhood educators, teachers and Métis artists to develop Métis cultural resources for children 0-8.
  • Resources promote Métis culture and develop learning environments that celebrate the Métis identity.


Skills Training, Employment and Post-Secondary (STEPS)

  • The STEPS program offers career decision-making support, education streaming/upgrading and client-initiated support services, career placement, post-secondary education participation, wage subsidy etc.
  • The program is intended to support Métis trainees, job seekers and scholars in updating their skills, advancing their job search or continuing their education.
  • As a part of the program, there is the opportunity for employers and employees to have their wages subsidized.

Cultural workshop - 2-hour presentation Maachi Kashkihtow Mamawii (Learning together, Sharing Métis Culture)

  • The Ministry of Education presents a workshop in understanding, identifying and supporting Métis children and culture in the early years of their programming.
  • Through an interactive workshop, information is shared about who the Métis are, their culture and ways individuals can connect.
  • The workshops are presented to Early Childhood Educators to increase the awareness of Métis culture and to facilitate an environment that promotes the celebration of cultural awareness.

Child and Family Services

Métis Family Connections

  • The program (separated into families with children 0-8 and 9-12) is focused on supporting families with children with building networks of support and opportunities for child development and early learning.
  • Navigators assist families to access programs and services available in their region that support their connection to their community and culture.

Métis Child Care Benefit Program

  • The service is offered for families with children under 12 years of age with additional funding for the purpose of child care.
  • Costs are calculated at a monthly rate for child care or preschool and families can be provided up to $500 per child, per month.

The Miyoopimatishihk (Wellbeing) Program

  • The program provides families with children 0-8 years old with financial support with the cost of a wide range of services such as respite care, speech therapy, assessments and mental health support.
  • The MNBC recognizes that the needs of each child are unique and with this in mind offer consultation to determine the support available to each family.

Poverty Alleviation

Reaching Home

  • Reaching Home program provides a toll free hotline to seek help pertaining to homelessness or situations putting families at-risk of homelessness.
  • The initiative aims to implement Housing First principles, connecting Métis that are chronically homeless and to appropriate housing to ongoing housing retention supports.

Métis Housing Rent Supplement Program

  • The program allows for Métis BC residents to apply for rent supplements based upon need.
  • The program recognizes the high costs-of-living within BC and aims to combat widespread housing crises/homelessness amongst the Métis community within the province.