Emergency Management

The past several years have made it clear that a vital part of climate change adaptation is how we, as a Nation, respond to emergencies. Wildfires, floods, heat waves and a global pandemic have tested and highlighted the Métis Nation’s ability to adapt and overcome through community cooperation and resiliency. As we look forward, the MNC Environment Team is focused on developing strategies and action plans that mobilize the Métis community spirit and promote resiliency. The MNC is co-developing emergency management preparedness planning and strategies that align with national realities in order to champion a “whole of society” approach. This approach will support the priorities of Governing Members and their communities, ensuring that the Métis Nation has a strong voice in the preparation, during and in the recovery of an event.  Projects championed by the MNC Environment Team and supported by Governing Members include:

  • Development of the “Métis Wildfire Research Project” 2022
  • Development of the "Métis Nation Emergency Management Report" 2022.
  • Representation on the National Adaptation Strategy – Disaster Mitigation and Resilience Table
  • Representation on the Board and Working Group of the National Indigenous Fire Safety Council
  • Participation in the redevelopment of the Disaster Financial Assistance Arrangements (DFAA)
  • Participation in Climate Proof Canada
  • Support for Governing Members in Emergency Management policy development
  • On June 1st, 2023, MNC and the Government of Canada added Emergency Management, Preparedness, and Response to the Permanent Bilateral Mechanism's standing agenda in order to strike a Canada-Métis Nation Emergency Management Working Group. This Working Group will work towards developing a long-term, emergency management strategy that provides for sustainable and long-term funding to develop capacity and training in preparedness and recovery, which will advance the resiliency of the Métis Nation through self-determination.

Adaptability and community cohesion are at the core of Métis identity. With this in mind, the MNC Environment Team seeks to further the Métis legacy of coming together during our darkest moments to shine bright.

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Emergency Management Strategy for Canada

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MNC Emergency Management Executive Summary

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MNC Emergency Management Report

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Incident Command System (ICS) Training Course

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