The Métis Nation is actively addressing the health and wellness of Métis people and communities through evidence- and culture-based approaches. The Métis Nation is committed to improving health and wellness outcomes in collaboration with federal and provincial governments and other partners. The Canada-Métis Nation Accord provides a distinctions-based, nation-to-nation mechanism to effectively advance health and wellness through Métis governments.

The Métis National Council is continuously developing new strategies and models which are needed by the Métis communities to improve access to needed health services and contribute to closing the health gap. MNC and the Governing Members work with great number of national partners. 

This Métis Nation Health Committee (MNHC) serves as an advisory/technical group to the MNC leadership. The MNHC focuses on the social determinants of health, data strategy, and research needs of Métis citizens. The Committee’s purpose is to engage with the Métis population to identify the health and wellness needs and priorities of the Métis Nation and support the design, development, implementation and evaluation of strategies, as well as developing initiatives and recommendations to improve Métis health and wellbeing.

The MNHC advises on:

  • Health and wellbeing needs and priorities of the Metis population.
  • Meaningful participation of members of the Métis Nation in the development process of the Federal Government of Canada’s health policy as it pertains to the Métis Nation.
  • Opportunities to improve the health, and wellbeing outcomes of Métis people; opportunities to build national collaborations and partnerships.
  • The design, development, implementation and evaluation of Métis health and wellbeing strategies and initiatives

Métis Nation Health Sector

Strategic Areas

Strengthen Advocacy & Communications

Advocate, participate, and cross-communicate to strengthen MC's negotiating position with the federal government to ensure tho co-development of vital distinctions-based Métis Health Legislation, and to ensure annual Metis health priorities are recognised and discussed nationally.

Improve Métis Healthcare

Drive systems-level change to ensure culturally sate. barrier free access to primary care and specialist care for all Metis, with equitable supports available, and a healthcare system free from racism and discrimination.

Forge Respectful Relationships & Collaborative Partnerships

Expand and strengthen MNC and GM's network of collaborative partnerships and relationships based on respect and the recognition of rights, including but not limited to First Nations, other governments, academia, and other relevant organisations and associations.

Promote Métis Social Determinants Of Health And Equity

Promote greater research, understanding, and actions supporting the Métis Social Determinants of Health to achieve Indigenous equity, including a focus on impacts to most vulnerable populations, including women, children, elders, youth and 2SLGBTQIIA+

Strengthen Data Governance & Research

Increase the quantity and quality of Métis-specific research, reports, and recommendations to close the research gap and address the growing health and wellness disparities by developing a National Métis Data Development and Governance Strategy with series of complementary governing documents.

Promote Health & Wellbeing

Recognize Metis culture, values, spirituality, and language as foundational to Metis health and wellbeing, and promote wholistic and proactive approach to improving Métis Health & Wellbeing, including mental health.

Build Capacity & Sustainability

Build capacity and create greater sustainability of Governing Members by advocating for direct, proportional, core funding to support Métis health self-governance, meaningful engagement, and continued training and education aligned with the strategic plan.