Natural Resources

The Métis Nation thrives due to its strong entrepreneurial nature and entrepreneurial citizens. These traits are deeply rooted in what it means to be Métis. The health of the land is directly connected to the health and wellbeing of Métis citizens and the Métis Nation. The Métis Nation holds a deep connection to the land and ensuring that natural resource developments enhance Métis socio, economic, and ecological well being is imperative. Across the Métis homeland, we are lucky to have many natural resources and Métis people must be involved in how we use them to preserve our natural heritage for generations to come. Métis businesses and citizens are already highly involved within the natural resources sectors whether it be in forestry, mining, oil, and gas, or energy transmission. Supporting them and ensuring that Métis Governing Members share in the benefits of sustainable industrial activities and a just transition across the homeland is a priority for MNC.