From the Office of President Cassidy Caron

After much reflection and careful consideration, I am announcing that I will not be seeking re-election as
President of the Métis National Council.

When I was elected as President in September 2021, the Métis National Council needed significant
rebuilding as a National Indigenous Organization. From the outset of my term, I committed to leading this
period of change and transition. And now, three years later, I am proud of what we have accomplished.

We have transformed the Métis National Council into a transparent, accountable, and effective National
Indigenous Organization. We have reestablished relationships within the Métis Nation, with our colleague
National Indigenous Organizations, the AFN and ITK, with the Federal and Provincial governments, and
with Canadians. Most importantly, we have restored the credibility and reputation of the Métis National
Council both nationally and internationally.

We have evolved the Métis National Council into an institution that serves our Métis Governments, just
as our original founders intended. We have embedded collaboration into every aspect of our work. We
have highlighted critical issues facing the Métis Nation, seeking innovative solutions to close socio-economic gaps.

And, we have shared the many beautiful and diverse stories of our Métis Nation.

I am proud of the Métis National Council we have built, and I am confident in leaving behind a strong,
functioning, and ethical organization—with exceptional and dedicated staff—for the next generation of

As the youngest person elected to serve as President of the Métis National Council, I am proud to carry
forward the legacy of young Métis leaders who have served in our Nation’s highest offices at a young

As the first elected woman to hold this office, I am also proud to stand in a matrilineal line within the
Métis Nation, reinstituting Métis women’s voices into every aspect of our leadership. Despite facing
similar challenges as other women leaders in this country, I remain undeterred. Strong, diverse voices of
all generations are needed at all levels of leadership to influence the positive change that the Métis Nation
and this country deserve.

As we continue to advance the aspirations of our ancestors, building a prosperous future for the next
generation of Métis, I transition from this role knowing that the future of the Métis Nation is in good
hands. It has been the honour of a lifetime to serve as the President and National Spokesperson for the
Métis National Council and to dedicate the last three years in service to our Nation.

While I intend to continue serving in new ways, it is time for me to redirect my dedication to my growing
family. I have incredible hope for our Métis communities and our next generation of Métis citizens. I am
very happy to announce that I am expecting my first child and will soon be helping to bring that next
generation of proud Métis into this world.

In accordance with MNC Bylaws, the leadership of the MNC has set the election date for the President of
the MNC to be held on September 26, 2024, in Saskatoon, SK. While early in my pregnancy, I believe it
is responsible to make this announcement today to ensure an orderly transition at the Métis National

I want to thank my family, my Board of Governors, the outstanding staff at the MNC, and countless Métis
citizens for their kindness and support over the last three years. I remain steadfast in my commitment and
responsibilities to the Métis National Council until the election and beyond.

I am proud to be Métis. I love our Nation and our people. I have faith in the bright future awaiting the
Métis Nation. It is crucial to stay united as Métis people. Through unity, the Métis Nation will achieve the
dreams of our ancestors.


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Cassidy Caron
President, Métis National Council