The Métis Nation leaders from MNBC, MNA, MNS and MNO gathered in Saskatoon this week, electing Cassidy Caron as the first ever woman President of the Métis National Council.

A total of three candidates were nominated for President: Cassidy Caron, Gerald Morin, and Dean Gladue.  Caron was elected on September 30, 2021, receiving 25 of the 40 votes cast by delegates.

About Cassidy Caron:

Cassidy Caron is a Métis woman with roots in the historic Métis communities of Batoche and St. Louis, Saskatchewan. She grew up closely connected to her Métis traditions and heritage and is driven by her family and community values of respect, honesty and responsibility.

Cassidy is a Nation builder. Utilizing the knowledge, skills and perspectives acquired through her formal education, professional and political experiences, as well as through her deep community involvement, Cassidy’s goal is to explore and utilize innovative approaches to community-based research, program evaluation, and workshop facilitation, which promote effective Indigenous – non-Indigenous collaboration and understanding.

Prior to launching her own consultancy, Cassidy gained over 3.5 years of professional research and program evaluation experience working with an award winning, all-Indigenous research and program evaluation firm. Her work as a consultant has focused on researching and evaluating programs and initiatives implemented in, by and for Indigenous communities throughout Canada in areas such as Indigenous justice and crime prevention, womens safety and wellness, education, cultural safety, Indigenous health and health promotion, reconciliation, youth programming, mental health, addictions and wellness, economic development, food security and Indigenous governance.

In the fall of 2018, Cassidy branched off as an independent consultant and is continuing to work with both provincially and nationally administered programs that aim to serve and support Indigenous peoples and communities. Cassidy offers services in community-based research with a specific focus on the utilization of Indigenous research methodologies, program evaluation, meeting and workshop facilitation and strategic planning. She is dedicated to working in partnership with clients to ensure all deliverables are meaningful and in support of their own aspirations for the future.

Cassidy is a passionate public speaker, talented facilitator, and strong advocate. She works with the community at heart and is guided by her ancestors who led before her while being mindful of the generations of leaders who will come behind her. Cassidy recognizes the power of bringing together individuals from all walks of life to work together in a spirit of collaboration and harmony, while respecting one another’s history, traditions, ways of knowing and being, to co-create a positive, healthy and beneficial pathway forward for all.