Ottawa, Ontario, Unceded Traditional Territory of the Algonquin Anishinaabeg Nation

Leaders from the Métis National Council and Governing Members met with federal cabinet Ministers to advance work on implementing joint priorities as outlined in the Canada Métis-Nation Accord.

Together, Métis Nation leaders and Ministers discussed shared priorities, including economic development, health, benefits sharing, and the principles of co-development. Discussions also focused on language preservation, education, as well as best practices in order to support the implementation of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

Ministers and leaders of the Métis National Council and Governing Members committed to continue working together to renew the government-to-government relationship based on rights, respect, cooperative partnerships, and collaboration. The Government of Canada continues to work towards advancing reconciliation and supporting self-determination.

Participants at the meeting included:

· Cassidy Caron, President of the Métis National Council

· Elder Josie Searson

· Hank Rowlinson, Vice-President of Métis Nation of Ontario

· Michelle LeClair, Vice-President of Métis Nation-Saskatchewan

· Audrey Poitras, President of Métis Nation of Alberta

· Walter Mineault, Vice-President of Métis Nation British Columbia

· Melanie Omeniho, President of Les Femmes Michif Otipemisiwak

· Marc Miller, Minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations

· David Lametti, Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada

· Patty Hajdu, Minister of Indigenous Services

· Jonathan Wilkinson, Minister of Natural Resources

· Pablo Rodriguez, Minister of Canadian Heritage

· Dan Vandal, Minister of Northern Affairs 


“Having this opportunity to meet with the Canadian Government alongside Métis officials from each of the Governing Members and Les Femmes Michif Otipemisiwak is incredibly valuable. These meetings ensure that we are working together on shared issues of importance. Through our PBM process, we are able to work collaboratively with the federal government and hold them accountable to making progress. I look forward to our continued relationship in addressing future Métis priorities.”

Cassidy Caron

President, Métis National Council

“Our citizens, families, and communities are at the heart of everything we do. It is a privilege to represent our people at the national level as we resume our collaborative work and advance shared priorities identified under the Canada-Métis Nation Accord. Together, we can develop plans and take actions that will further reconciliation and improve the lives of Métis families for generations to come.”

Margaret Froh

President, Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO)

“On behalf of the Métis Nation – Saskatchewan, I am proud to have had the opportunity to sit down with leaders from other Métis governments and Canada to discuss the important priority work ahead of us as we continue to improve the lives of Métis families, communities, and citizens across the homeland. For too long our governments struggled for recognition and a place at the table and I am pleased that we can now gather as leaders, equals and partners.”

Michelle LeClair

Vice President, Métis Nation Saskatchewan (MN–S)

“Due in great part to Canada’s ongoing support of our self-government journey, the Métis Nation has made great progress on our path to full recognition over the last several years, including with the ratification of the Otipemisiwak Métis Government Constitution in Alberta this past November. We look forward to continuing this positive relationship, together with our fellow Métis National Council Governing Members, to advance the rights of Métis Citizens across the Homeland.”

Audrey Poitras

President, Métis Nation of Alberta (MNA)

“We continue to make significant progress in our relationship with the Government of Canada, advancing important issues related to Health, Economic Development, Education, and more. There is still more work to do on jurisdiction and self-government, but our united Métis Nation is working hard to advance the cause of Métis people across Canada. It is through our collaborative working relationship that we will continue to see success.”

Lissa Dawn Smith

President, Métis Nation British Columbia (MNBC)

“Les Femmes Michif Otipemisiwak is encouraged to actively participate in these very important meetings with the Government of Canada to move forward and bring a Métis gender-based intersectional lens to the Métis Nation priority areas”.

Melanie Omeniho

President, Les Femmes Michif Otipemisiwak

“Our Government will continue to work together with the Métis National Council to advance the priorities of the Métis Nation. Together, we will address barriers experienced by Métis in Canada so they can lead the way in advancing their priorities and the principles of the permanent bilateral mechanism.”

The Honourable Marc Miller

Minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations

Quick facts

· Cassidy Caron is the first woman to be elected as President of the Métis National Council.

· Canada continues to work with Métis partners to examine ways to honour and recognize the important contributions of Métis to Canada, and to restore Métis to their proper place as partners in Confederation

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