The Métis National Council met last week to discuss shared priorities for the future, ensuring the health of the Métis Nation for many years to come. In a clear display of collaboration and unity, the Métis National Council worked together, setting a new path forward.  

Last week brought together not only delegates and representatives from each of the Governing Members, but also Veterans and Grandmothers. Their presence started the assembly in a positive way, beginning with Veterans leading delegates in a Grand Entrance. It has been critical to the work that of the Métis National Council to continue to support Métis Veterans who have worked so hard to secure the prosperity of the Nation. Having the newly formed Grandmothers Council join at the front of the room for each day and share their wisdom and stories ensured that representatives worked with kindness in their hearts, together.

This opportunity to be in person with one another, share stories and see relatives from across the Motherland reinforces and united hearts in the work being done to support Métis citizens. Through this process, the Métis National Council received a mandate to move forward on several issues raised through the Permanent Bilateral Mechanism, including child and family services, economic development, and the implementation of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of the Indigenous Peoples.

The Council worked together on issues of great importance to the Nation, including discussion around the reformed Métis Rights Panel and the work that it should do in furthering the rights of all Métis peoples across the Homeland.

The Métis Nation is one nation of many stories. The Métis National Council will continue to work closely in unity to ensure that the voices and stories from across the Motherland are heard and supported.  

Métis Nation British Columbia

“It was an honour for Métis Nation British Columbia to host our fellow governing members and the Métis National Council in our province these past few days,” said Vice-President Walter Mineault. President Lissa Dawn Smith continued, “we as Métis people are stronger together, and it is through unity that we can do the important work delivering much needed programs and services for Métis Citizens from BC to Ontario. Our Citizens are counting on us to collectively work to ensure that Métis voices are heard by government.” 

Métis Nation of Alberta

“This week we gathered in the spirit of collaboration and unity and in support of Métis citizens all over Canada. One year on from the historical election of President Caron I am still heartened at our renewed strength and spirit,” shared President Audrey Poitras. “Delegates brought to the table issues close to the hearts of their communities and we are committed to moving them forward collectively at the national level.” 

Métis Nation – Saskatchewan

Métis Nation–Saskatchewan (MN–S) President Glen McCallum said, “This week our Métis Nation Governments sat around the table as colleagues at the Métis National Council (MNC) General Assembly in Vancouver. To see where we were a short time ago and to see where things are at today is encouraging.  Our Métis Nation is heading in the right direction with the Canadian government. We respectfully came together and will work in partnership for all our respective Métis Citizens. When Métis communities’ benefit, it is a win for our provinces and most importantly Canadians.”

Métis Nation of Ontario

Métis Nation of Ontario President Margaret Froh said, “A year ago, we came together and embarked on a new era at the national level. We remain united in our collective commitment to advance the Métis Nation through accountability, transparency, kindness, and respect. This assembly was a true celebration of the strength of our Métis governments and our people when we come together.

Métis National Council

Métis National Council President Cassidy Caron shared, “I can only begin by sharing my gratitude for everyone who contributed to the 2022 Métis National Council General Assembly. Over the last two days, the governing members of the Métis National Council provided us with a clear, strong mandate for how to continue moving towards a prosperous future for the Métis Nation. I look forward to implementing this direction in partnership with our Métis Governments in the spirit of true collaboration and in service to Métis citizens. The progress we have made in the last year was evident in the ways in which we conducted our important business at this year’s assembly. A special thank you to the Métis Veterans Council for their contributions as well as to the Grandmothers Council who provided us with direction and guidance throughout. I want to thank everyone who was able to attend and thank our partners who continue to support the work of the Métis National Council and our Governing Members"