President's Corner:

Elmer Ghostkeeper

Biography as submitted by the Ghostkeeper Family

Mr. Ghostkeeper served as a survey technologist for Associated Engineering Services Ltd. from 1970 to 1972. He was the assistant City Engineer for the City of Whitehorse, Yukon Territory from 1973 to 1974. He was elected President of the Alberta Federation of Métis Settlement Association, a Métis political organization representing Aboriginal land based people from1980 to 1984. He was selected for the Canadian Young Achiever Award to attend the Canadian Constitution Repatriation Ceremony in Ottawa in 1982. He established and managed the Paddle Prairie Mall Corporation, a retail business from 1986 to 1991. He received the Ralph Steinhauer Award of Distinction in recognition of exceptional academic achievement for two years, in 1994 and 1995, where he studied for his Masters of Arts Degree in Anthropology at the University of Alberta in 1995. He created his own business, a partnership of Aboriginal wisdom and western scientific knowledge as an analyzing model, and works with that still today. He authored a book, “Spirit Gifting: A Concept of Spiritual Exchange” in 1996. He was elected a Fellow of the Arctic Institute of North America at the University of Calgary in 1996. He was a business group leader in Aboriginal Affairs for the Alberta Pacific Forest Industries Incorporated from 1994 to 1998. He was a visiting Aboriginal scholar at the New Sun Fellowship – McGill University, McDonald Campus, Montreal, in 1998. He served as the regional manager for Aboriginal Health Services in the Capitol Health Authority from 1999 to 2001. He was an international presenter at the 9th International Conference on Thinking, in Auckland, New Zealand in 2001. He was the director for the Center of Tripartite Negotiations for the Métis Settlement’s General Council from 2002 to 2003. He established Ghostkeeper Synergetics Limited, an Aboriginal consulting business, which he has worked for since 1984. Since then, he has created Ghostkeeper Global Limited, an Aboriginal multipurpose business, where he has worked from 2000 to present.

His educational background is very full: he received a diploma in 1968 in Civil Engineering Technology from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. In 1980, he achieved a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Alberta, Department of Anthropology; where he went on to receive in 1995 a Masters of Arts Degree from the University of Alberta, Department of Anthropology. His view is that life on Mother Earth is a gift, a test, a trust, and a temporary assignment from the Creator. His motivating force is studying, learning and teaching truthful wisdom and knowledge about wellness to self and others. He has a family of two sons and a daughter, and his passion is the horse.

Elmer Ghostkeeper played an important role in securing recognition of the Metis in the Constitution of Canada, lobbying the premiers of the western provinces, primarily Alberta, to ensure the support for Metis inclusion when it came to vote of premiers. Without this work, we may have seen a very different outcome. He is honoured tonight for making his important contribution to the inclusion of Metis in the Constitution and for securing the protection of Metis rights a gift for all.

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