President Chartier Meets Taiwan Indigenous Delegation

Led by Minister Lin Chiang-Yi, of the Taiwan government’s CIP which is the equivalent to the Minister of Aboriginal Affairs in Canada and joined by Ottawa-based representatives of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office, attended the MNC office to meet with President Chartier to discuss cultural preservation and other issues involving the identity and the rights of the Métis.

Taiwan has about 490,000 Indigenous peoples making up about 2 percent of the nation’s population, the CIP said. There are 14 officially recognized tribes – the Amis, Atayal, Paiwan, Bunun, Puyuma, Rukai, Tsou, Saisiat, Yami, Thao, Kavalan, Truku, Sakizaya and Sedeq, each with their own distinct language, culture, customs, traditions and social structures.

A previous visit to the MNC in 2004 by a former minister set the stage for an on-going relationship between the CIP and the MNC, including the MNC hosting four interns for a month in July 2008 and President Chartier being invited to speak at a one day seminar at National Dong Hwa University in Taiwan on the Metis Nation followed by a meeting with the CIP minister.

Following an exchange of gifts the two leaders agreed that the relationship should continue.

President Chartier and CIP Minister Lin

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