National Aboriginal Day

This annual Ceremony of Remembrance was hosted by the Aboriginal Veterans Autochtones (formerly National Aboriginal Veteran Association). Métis veterans from across the Métis Nation homeland participated in the ceremony along with representatives from AFN and ITK. A wreath was laid by the Métis National Council to pay tribute to the thousands of Aboriginal veterans who gave their lives for their country.

“National Aboriginal Day is a time to share with one another, learn from one another, celebrate together and commit to a new era of respect, recognition and reconciliation” stated President Chartier, adding “I encourage all Canadians to take every opportunity to learn about Indigenous peoples, cultures and rights and to participate in events and celebrations this weekend.”

Find suggested events to help you celebrate this special day, either on your own, with family and friends, or with hundreds and thousands of other people celebrating National Aboriginal Day across Canada.

MNO Senator Reta Gordon laying a wreath on behalf of the Métis National Council

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