Métis Nation Second World War Heroes Honoured in Burnaby

Minister Chartrand and Métis Veteran Raymond Carriere and his family

Raymond Carriere and Ernest Letendre Receive thanks of the Métis Nation and a $20,000 cheque to each of the veterans under the terms of the Canada-Métis Nation Métis Veterans Recognition Payment Agreement.

Minister Chartrand and Métis Veteran Ernest Letendre and his family

Métis Nation Minister of Veterans Affairs David Chartrand, joined by Métis Nation British Columbia President Clara Morin Dal Col and MNBC Minister of Veterans Lissa Smith presented the honours to the veterans at ceremonies in Burnaby BC. Family members of the veterans were on hand to recount the acts of heroism of the veterans during harsh combat conditions in various theatres of the war.

WW2 Métis Veteran Raymond Carriere

Raymond Carriere was born in Isle des Chenes, Manitoba on December 30, 1925. 

In 1944, at the age of 19, he joined the Royal Canadian Navy in Chippawa, Winnipeg. After 7 months he was deployed to Scotland on a large vessel to fight in WWII. 

His ship was torpedoed by a German submarine in the Barents Sea and Raymond narrowly missed death. Raymond was one of 205 men evacuated onto a Canadian destroyer which transferred to New York city before completing their voyage back to Halifax. Once back at home Raymond rejoined his first wife Teenie, and continued to work at CNR fixing damaged box cars. 

After the death of Teenie, he met and married Monica and together they raised 2 wonderful daughters Maxine and Judi – and years later he was blessed with two amazing grandchildren McKenzie and Chelsea. 

Over the years Raymond has worked various jobs including working as a prison guard at the old Okala jail, and the nerve-racking job of working on high power extension lines. In his later years, Raymond was an “improvision” manager – a role he created himself, and where he retired. 

Now, Raymond loves to read, watch sports, and the news. Another frequent hobby of his was a good game of golf, as well as his daily walks which he is very much missing.

Raymond is a proud member of the Métis Nation of British Columbia.

Ernest “Ted, Teddy” Letendre was born in 1922 at Lac St. Anne, Alberta . He left for the war at a young age and served as a stretcher bearer, having enlisted along with his older brother, Paul and younger brother, Andrew. He spent the first 11⁄2 years in England. Ted was in the 1st division of the Royal Eddies from Edmonton who invaded Sicily in July 1943.Fighting the Italians and Germans the whole time, they invaded Italy on Sept. 3, 1943. Ted recalls being trapped behind enemy lines for 3 days with a wounded soldier and the other stretcher bearer. 

WW2 Métis Veteran Ernest Letendre

Ted was wounded by shrapnel and was sent to an English hospital to recover. He went on to serve in the liberation of Belgium. He was definitely scarred by his war experiences but spoke little of that time. As he aged he spoke of nightmares about the war disrupting his sleep. 

Ted married Janet Otelia Adelia Anderson, who had grown up on a nearby farm, four years after he returned from war and they had five children. Ted and Janet moved over 30 times in 22 years, mostly to small communities and remote settings of north central BC. Ted became a lumber grader and often worked as foreman and supervisor and was also involved in a number of smaller specialty mills. 

His children live throughout BC including two in the Lower Mainland who visit him often. Ted had a stroke at age 76 and moved into George Derby Center because it was full of veterans. When Ted first moved to George Derby he took up weaving on a loom, a complete surprise to family.  But he was a fastidious weaver, producing beautiful weavings that became vests, purses, small bags, placemat settings and many Metis sashes for his children and grandchildren. 

l-r: MNBC President Clara Morin Dal Col, MNBC Minister of Veteran Lissa Smith, MNC Minister Veterans Affair David Chartrand, Dave Armitt (MNBC)
Minister Chartrand talking with WW2 Métis Veteran Raymond Carriere
WW2 Métis Veteran Raymond Carriere and his family members
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