Métis Nation of Ontario Chair: 90% of MNO members do not meet MNC citizenship requirements

France Picotte , Chair of the Provisional Council of the Métis Nation of Ontario, speaks in conjunction with the  26th Annual General Assembly of the MNO in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, August 23-25, 2019.

At the MNC General Assembly in November, 2018, the MNO was placed on probation for one year while it met the following  conditions to avoid suspension:

  • That all MNO members must meet the criteria for citizenship in the Métis Nation set out in the 2002 General Assembly citizenship resolution (National Definition) to be eligible for enrolment and are connected to the historic Métis Nation homeland as set out in the homeland map;
  • That the MNO must abide by the 2004 Métis Nation directive providing that all members shall re-register under the 2002 criteria with no grandfathering-in of members;
  • That a committee of the MNC Board of Governors shall be established to organize a registry review of all MNO members to ensure the above two conditions are met, as well as provide general oversight; and
  • That a panel of registrars from the western Governing Members working under the direction of the above committee shall conduct the registry review of existing MNO members and will ensure that all future citizenship applications shall abide by the 2002 criteria.

Chair Picotte says she doesn’t care about the probation because the MNC “has no authority over us”.

See related news article  from CBC:

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