Métis Nation Leadership Continues Commitment to Métis World War ll Veterans

August 17, 2019, Britt, Ontario – Today, Manitoba Metis Federation (MMF) President and the Métis Nation’s Minister Responsible for Veterans, David Chartrand continued to fulfill his promise to properly acknowledge the service and sacrifice of Métis Veterans who served in World War ll.

President Chartrand honoured 106-year-old Alex Boucher who now lives in Britt Ontario by presenting him with a cheque for $20,000. Mr Boucher served in the Canadian Infantry Corps from 1942 to 1945.

“This is the very least I can do for these brave Métis Veterans and their families,” said President Chartrand. “You must remember, they were willing to give the ultimate sacrifice, for a country that up until now, has done little to show its gratitude. As the Métis Nation leader responsible for Métis Veterans, it is my duty and honour to now properly acknowledge these Métis heroes.”

Mr. Boucher is the latest Veteran to receive benefits under the terms of the $30 million Canada-Métis Nation Veterans Recognition Payment Agreement. President Chartrand has been diligently searching for any surviving Métis Veterans and has travelled to their homes to thank them in person and to present them with compensation cheques.

“I have been lobbying for proper recognition and compensation for Métis Veterans and their families for the better part of 20 years,” added President Chartrand. “Now thanks to our partnership with the Trudeau government, I am now able to see that hard work come to fruition. To meet these Métis veterans in person and to thank them is some of the most gratifying work I have ever performed.”

Following today’s presentation to Alex Boucher, President Chartrand will travel to Windsor Ontario, to honour 93-year-old Wilfred Rochon at the Windsor Métis Council office.

“I have said countless times, that financial compensation is just one part of this reconciliation puzzle, ” added President Chartrand. “While money cannot erase the memory of being abandoned by their country after the war, it will hopefully help bring closure to our Métis Veterans with a sign that the country for which they risked everything is truly grateful.”

Along with the announced money, the Trudeau government continues to work on an official apology to Métis Veterans and their families.


August 18, 2019 Windsor , Ontario

Minister Chartrand today  visited 93-year-old Wilfred Rochon at the Windsor Métis Council office to honour Mr Rochon and present him with his compensation cheque. They were jointed at the ceremony by Mr Rochon’s family, representatives from the Métis Veterans Council and community members.

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