Sharing the Land, Sharing a Future

The Forum will address the following themes:

  • How might we think of a nation to nation relationship and what are the priority actions associated with moving to achieve this?
  • What are the key policy priorities for closing the gap between First Nations, Metis and Inuit Peoples and others within Canada?
  • Youth are our future. What are their visions? What is enabling them and preventing them from achieving those visions for a better future?
  • How do we foster widespread citizen engagement to build understanding, forge a new relationship and close the gap?
  • What are the foundations of powerful and healthy First Nations, Metis and Inuit communities and how do we all build on the positive examples of sustenance and change?
  • How do we move to action through engagement, research and good policy change?

Program Highlights

Expand to view some of the program highlights for this conference.

Day 1 November 2: (4 – 7 PM)

  • Opening Ceremony
  • Greetings and introduction to the Forum
  • Keynote address and response panel : Negotiating Nation-to-Nation Relations Over 400 Years. Speaker: Mark Dockstator,  President, First Nations University of Canada
  • Reception

Day 2 November 3: Morning

Sharing the Land – Perspectives on Nation to Nation

  • Keynote panel  on nation to nation: AFN, ITK, MNC
  • Dialogue panel on indigenous communities in a new relationship: NWAC, NAFC, IPAC

Day 2: Lunch (12 – 1:30 PM)

  • Normand Charbonneau, Library and Archives Canada; Launch of RCAP database on LAC website.
  • Remarks from the RCAP Co-Chair René Dussault

Day 2: Afternoon

  • Keynote Panel: Sharing a Future
  • A series of sector based discussions on the themes of the Forum, exploring  some common questions. Background papers on each of the themes will inform these discussions. The common questions are:
    • How do we work together to identify policy priorities and close gaps in well-being?.
    • Who has what responsibilities?
    • What are the institutions/mechanisms for sharing and moving forward?
    • What are promising practices, within Canada and internationally?

Day 2: Evening

  • Feast
  • Invited Speaker
  • Celebration – The Power of the Arts

Day 3 November 4: Morning

Moving to Action. The goal will be to gather and focus learning, ideas and opportunities to advance reconciliation in three arenas accessible variously to participants: Individual, Institutional, and Policy

  • Opening Plenary Panel:  Sharing Knowledge, Sharing a Future
  • Working groups (by theme). What can we as citizens do to advance reconciliation as individuals, members of organizations and institutions, drivers of policy? What tools do we need to access or create to make a difference?
  • Plenary: Overview of key themes, outcomes and commitments going forward.
  • Commentary: The Honourable Carolyn Bennett (TBC)
  • Closing Ceremony
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