President Chartier meets with Premiers at Niagara-on-the-Lake

At a private session prior to the main meeting, President Chartier, along with NAO Leaders from the AFN, ITK, NWAC, and CAP met with Premier Wynne of Ontario to inform her what their expected outcomes of the meeting were which included the Premiers’ support for the call by the NAO leaders for a national public inquiry into missing and murdered Aboriginal women, and for the MNC, the continued support of the Premiers from Ontario west on the engagement with the federal government on Métis Nation economic development.

At the start of the main meeting, each NAO leader had an opportunity to provide opening remarks reflecting views on the current state of federal-provincial engagement and any recent bilateral meetings they may have had with the Prime Minister and federal ministers. President Chartier in his opening remarks stated that in his meeting with Prime Minister Harper and Aboriginal Affairs Minister Valcourt on April 29th one the “priorities discussed was the development of a long-term Métis economic development strategy in 2013, an objective set out from the January 2011 meeting of federal and provincial Aboriginal affairs ministers and Métis Nation leaders.”

President Chartier further stated in his statement to the Premiers that the “consummation of a long-term Métis economic development strategy by the Government of Canada, the five provinces and the Métis Nation, with the input of our industry partners, offers the Council of the Federation (Premiers) and the Aboriginal Affairs Working Group an important model for the type of federal engagement we have all been seeking in the area of economic development.”

At the press conference following the meeting, amongst a number of statements, Premier Wynne announced that the Premiers agreed to support the call by the NAO leaders for the Prime Minister to call a national public inquiry into missing and murdered Aboriginal women.

In his remarks to the media, President Chartier thanked Premier Wynne for her excellent chairing of the meeting, thanked all of the Premiers for supporting the call by NAO leaders for a national public inquiry into missing and murdered Aboriginal women, and thanked Premier Wynne of Ontario, Premier Selinger of Manitoba, Premier Wall of Saskatchewan and Premier Clark of BC for their continued support to have their respective ministers work with the federal government and the Métis Nation on the adoption of a national Métis economic development strategy.

Click here to view President Chartier’s Opening Remarks

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